About Us Kalsang Restaurant & Cafe (Also known as Kalsang Friends Corner) is a famous Chinese, Thai, Korean and Tibetan restaurant located at Mussoorie, Dehradun, Delhi, Chandigarh, Ludhiana, Dharamsala, Mohali and Pokhara (Nepal)

Founded and owned by restaurant entrepreneur Jamyang Kalsang, the group was established in 1998 and now operates more than 10+ high-performance cafes & Restaurants with a primary focus on Quality Every Moment.

It is our pleasure to serve to you: We are a Cafe & restaurant serving tasty and delicious food to those who are hungry and in need of something special.

About us what we expected

Kalsang Cafe & Restaurant is providing services with an onsite presence and also from our highly modernise state-of-the-art cooking infrastructure facility in North India with a capacity of 10000 meals a day.

Have a good vision and mission:-

Have a good vision and mission presentation and fantastic food. Through these efforts, we have built a loyal and recognizable customer base and continue to do so with our trademark service and approach.

For us, the catering service is not just to prepare a lunch or a dinner, but doing and delivering it with pleasure make it more unique and special. We are always ready with our team, professional chefs and our highly equipped kitchens to deliver carefully designed catering services to all our established clients.

Journey Of Kalsang Restaurant & Cafe

Founded 24 years ago, Kalsang Cafe & Restaurant is one of the renowned Chinese, Thai, Korean and Tibetan Restaurants in North India with a primary focus on quality every moment in support service to the customers.

We continue to offer new menu options, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian, based largely on renowned Chinese, Thai, Korean and Tibetan cuisines and use seasonal customer preferences to introduce new dishes.

We also run the popular Food Festival at our Kalsang Café & Restaurant, offering a range of Indian, Chinese, Thai, Korean and Tibetan and International cuisines to our customers.

Kalsang Café & Restaurant is providing services with a presence and providing services in North India with its traditional cooking infrastructure facility with state-of-the-art and cleanliness with a capacity of more than 10000+ meals a day.

  • Kalsang restaurant Mussoorie (1998): With the same amount of capital and a small ambitious team, we started our first restaurant from Paharo Ki Rani Mussoorie. With the little experience we had, we attracted our customers further with traditional dishes.
  • Kalsang Restaurant & Cafe Dehradun (2010): In the year 2010, when we expanded our restaurant and opened our second restaurant in Dehradun. In Dehradun, we have also expanded our cuisine keeping in view the customers in your restaurant industry and also inaugurated our “Kalsang Cafe“.
  • Kalsang Restaurant Delhi (2016): 2016 Expanding our business, we opened a cafe and restaurant in Delhi Majnu-Ka-Tilla. Through our traditional cuisine, we have seen a significant increase in the customer base.
  • Kalsang Restaurant Chandigarh (2019): With the growing clientele, we moved to a larger kitchen than 5500 sq ft and with smooth mobility we inaugurated the restaurant in Chandigarh in 2019 which has also been a complicated year due to covid-19. But we were successfully able to connect with our customers and employee on a regular basis.
  • Kalsang Restaurant Ludhiana (2021): With our traditional cuisine, we opened the fifth outlet in 2021 expanding the restaurant business.
  • Kalsang Restaurant Mohali (2022): Keeping in mind the growing customer base, we inaugurated Cafes and Restaurants in Mohali in 2012. Our clientele has grown significantly over the past business years and with over 500 employees, we continue our traditional cuisine.
  • Kalsang restaurant pokhara nepal (2023): In 2022-23, our restaurant business outside the country is going to open in Pokhara, a major tourist destination of Nepal.
  • Kalsang Restaurant Dharamsala (2023)

With the help of her Family, JAMYANG KALSANG has always promoted sustainable practices. Their priority is to prepare wholesome, tasty, balanced meals using fresh, local ingredients.

We in Dehradun, Mussoorie, Delhi, Chandigarh, Ludhiana, and Mohali today have become a favorite destination for food lovers of all age groups who want to spend some quality time sipping on the food we serve. Today, we continue to serve Chinese, Thai, Korean and Tibetan food in the city and have built a deep bond with the people around it.

Kalsang Restaurant & cafe menu

Generous Chinese, Thai & Tibetan portions are served in a colourful eatery that features wall murals.

One of the most famous and popular restaurants in North India, serving delicious Chinese, Thai, Korean and Tibetan vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes for over four decades. Our cafe and restaurant menu changes from time to time. For more information on our cafe and restaurant menu, click on the link below.

Our cafe and restaurant menu changes from time to time. With Buddhist-style interiors, Kalsang Restaurant & Cafe (also known as Kalsang Friends Corner) is a restaurant designed to give you a complete Tibetan experience. If you are looking for good restaurants in Mussoorie, Dehradun, Delhi, Mohali, Chandigarh and Ludhiana that serve delicious Tibetan, Thai, Korean and Chinese food, then Kalsang would be the best option for you.

Its extensive menu features many Tibetan, Thai, Korean and Chinese dishes prepared with a variety of variations. It has become a great place for tourists visiting Mussoorie, Dehradun, Delhi, Mohali, Chandigarh and Ludhiana and for foodies and for enjoying momos, thukpa etc.

Tibetan famous soup Thukpa: Famous Tibetan soup Thukpa is made from a variety of vegetables and noodles to spicy spices in a bowl Also Must try our famous Devil Momos Also try Veg-Non Veg Momos. This soup is also eaten in the neighbouring state of Sikkim, Darjeeling district and Ladakh region of India. Apart from this Thenthuk Soup is also available.

Kalsang Devil MOMO” S: Well, many types of momos are made, but the thing about our famous Devil Momos is different, definitely try it. It is available in our restaurant in both veg and non-veg. The official patent for Devil Momos is held by Kalsang Cafe & Restaurant only.

Kalsang review

We have kept our wonderful food in a traditional way. Apart from the amazing food and service, the restaurants and cafes also have great prices.

  • Zomato : 4.5/5
  • Tripadvisor : 4.6/5
  • Restaurant Guru : 4.4/5
  • Magicpin : 4.1/5
  • Justdial : 4.2/5