Discover the Culinary: Kalsang Restaurant Outlet Locator

Kalsang outlet locator Choose from any of our nine premium locations and enjoy top-quality dishes prepared by our professional chefs to please your palate.

Experience the culinary delights of Kalsang Restaurant across India! With multiple locations spanning from the picturesque city of Dehradun to the vibrant streets of Delhi, Chandigarh, Mohali, Ludhiana, and even the scenic landscapes of Dharamshala, our renowned establishment brings the best of Asian cuisine to your doorstep. Moreover, we have expanded our horizons beyond the borders, reaching the beautiful city of Pokhara in Nepal. No matter where you find yourself in these cities, Kalsang is just around the corner, inviting you to savour the rich and diverse flavours of China, Thailand, Korea, and Tibet.

  • Dehradun: Where Himalayan Delicacies Await: For those exploring Dehradun’s charm, our Kalsang Restaurant Dehradun awaits, offering an unforgettable gastronomic adventure. Delight in the tantalizing aromas of Chinese dishes, the exotic tastes of Thai flavours, the bold and distinct notes of Korean cuisine, and the heartwarming delights of Tibetan momos and thukpa.
  • Delhi: A Melting Pot of Flavors: In the bustling capital city of Delhi, Kalsang Friends Corner stands as a culinary oasis, bringing the best of Asian fusion to the metropolis. Savour the authentic tastes of each cuisine, where every bite is a journey through the rich heritage and traditions of China, Thailand, Korea, and Tibet.
  • Chandigarh & Mohali: A Gastronomic Delight: Venture further north to Chandigarh and Mohali, where Kalsang Restaurants offer a respite for food lovers seeking the perfect blend of Asian flavours. Let your taste buds revel in the symphony of tastes as our chefs masterfully craft each dish, paying homage to the culinary diversity of the Asian continent.
  • Ludhiana Fusion of Exquisite Tastes: As you make your way to the vibrant city of Ludhiana, Kalsang presents an irresistible culinary experience that transcends borders. Whether you’re a fan of the bold spices of Korea or the comforting delicacies of Tibet, our Ludhiana outlet caters to all your cravings.
  • Dharamshala: Taste of the Himalayas: For those exploring the serene landscapes of Dharamshala, Kalsang Restaurant adds a touch of Asian zest to your experience. Amidst the breathtaking vistas, indulge in the soul-soothing flavours of Tibetan cuisine, transporting you to the heart of Tibet itself.
  • Pokhara, Nepal: An Asian Gastronomic Haven: Finally Cross the borders and visit our Kalsang Restaurant in Pokhara, Nepal, in the mesmerizing city of Pokhara, Nepal, Kalsang Restaurant proudly stands as a representation of the harmonious blend of Asian cultures. Experience the authentic tastes of China, Thailand, Korea, and Tibet in this enchanting location.

No matter which city you find yourself in, Kalsang Restaurant and Cafe promises a memorable dining affair, where each bite is a celebration of Asia’s culinary heritage. So, embark on a culinary journey and visit our outlets across India to experience the magic of Kalsang’s diverse offerings. Our warm and welcoming ambience, attentive staff, and commitment to culinary excellence will ensure that your dining experience is nothing short of extraordinary. We look forward to welcoming you to Kalsang, where the best of Asia comes alive on your plate!

Embark on a Flavorsome Journey: Locate Kalsang Restaurants Near You

Kalsang Mussoorie


The Mall Rd, Survey Colony, The Mall Road, Mussoorie, Uttarakhand 248179
Phone Number: 098973 39788

Kalsang Dehradun

Rajpur Road, Dehradun

88 A, Rajpur Rd, Hathibarkala Salwala, Dehradun, Uttarakhand 248001
Phone Number: 095572 70285

Kalsang Clock Tower Dehradun

Clock Tower Dehradun

MDDA Complex, Shop Number R9, Clock Tower, Dehradun, Uttarakhand
Phone Number: 095572 70285

Kalsang Delhi


House 158 Block, 7, Majnu-ka-Tilla, New Delhi, Delhi 110054
Phone Number :

Kalsang Chandigarh


SCO 149, 150, Sector 8C, Sector 8, Chandigarh, 160009
Phone Number: 095207 16378

Kalsang Ludhiana


SCO No 7-8 Platinum Square Market Sukhmani Enclave Canal Road, S City Rd, Ludhiana, Punjab 141027
Phone Number: 062393 08642

Kalsang Ludhiana


Phase 3B-2, Sector 60, Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, Punjab 160059
Phone Number: 097796 67898


Mcleodganj, Dharamshala

The main square, above Tibet doors store, McLeod Ganj, Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh 176219
Phone Number: 084332 67944

Kalsang Pokhara Nepal

Pokhara (Nepal)

Lakeside Rd, Pokhara 33700, Nepal
Phone Number: +977 980-2857888

With our outlet locator, you can easily find your way to a Kalsang Restaurant, where every dish is crafted with passion and care, ensuring an experience that transcends continents. Join us on this culinary adventure, where we celebrate the diversity and rich heritage of Asian flavours. At Kalsang, we don’t just serve food; we create memories that linger on your palate and in your heart. Come, let the culinary odyssey begin!

Kalsang Cafe and Restaurant Main office location

095572 70285

88 A, Rajpur Rd, opposite Osho, Hathibarkala Salwala, Dehradun, Uttarakhand 248001